Texas HOA Manager is the brainchild of Gregory S. Cagle, who is a Texas attorney that represents HOAs and the author of Texas Homeowners Association Law. You may be wondering why a perfectly good attorney would venture into the world of software development, which he had no prior experience or education in. Well, blame it on the Texas legislature; Gregory does.

Having represented Texas HOAs for more than 14 years, Gregory had observed that as the Texas legislature enacted more and more statutory regulations governing Texas HOAs, the proper management and operation of HOAs in Texas had become increasingly more complicated and time consuming. And, the impact of such increasing complexity has been felt hardest by those HOAs that are self-managed by volunteer homeowners, who have been forced to become micro-lawyers and to spend dozens of hours each month in the service of their HOA just to operate it in compliance with the law. After talking to a lot of these homeowners who serve as volunteer-Directors of self-managed HOAs, Gregory recognized that there was a significant need for an economical solution to help these self-managed HOAs overcome the learning curve and administrative burdens of operating their HOA in compliance with Texas law. Then one day it hit him, and he just couldn’t ignore it. If you know Gregory, then you know that once he becomes committed to something, he just can’t let it go. So, two years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears later, Texas HOA Manager was born.

Initially conceived as an economical solution to help self-managed Texas HOAs overcome the learning curve and administrative burdens of operating their HOA in compliance with Texas law, the concept of Texas HOA Manager evolved into a comprehensive legal compliance software solution for the proper and efficient management of all Texas HOAs, whether self-managed by the Board of Directors or professionally managed by an employed general manager or third-party property management company. There is nothing like it in existence today. Texas HOA Manager was developed specifically for Texas HOAs and it provides them with access to step-by-step guides for day-to-day management operations, a library of forms that conform with Texas law (and that will be updated as laws change), and an innovative document generation module that allows users to create documents by answering a few straight-forward questions (think TurboTax or LegalZoom). Texas HOA Manager also provides online storage of records for HOAs, so that all of their records can be kept in a single central repository, and access to an online, searchable, version of Texas Homeowners Association Law

In short, Texas HOA Manager was designed to help Boards of Directors and property managers easily manage their HOAs in compliance with Texas HOA law, and in doing so, helping them to also save time, save money and better serve their communities. We think Texas HOA Manager is something special, and we’re confident that once you start using it, you will too.