Everything you need to properly and efficiently manage a 

Texas HOA in compliance with Texas law, simply!


Step-By-Step Guides for the Most

Common Management Operations

How To 3d Book

  • Conducting Board and Membership Meetings.
  • Preparing Management and Resale Certificates.
  • Preparing Assessment Collection and Restrictive Covenant Enforcement Letters.
  • And much, much, more!

Access to a Comprehensive Form Library!

Everything you need to manage your HOA



  • Notices of Membership and Board Meetings, Meeting Agendas, and Meeting Minutes
  • Membership Voting Lists, Proxies, and Regular and Absentee Ballots
  • Management Certificates and Resale Certificates
  • Assessment Collection and Covenant Enforcement Letters

Best of all, our forms conform to Texas law and are continuously updated as laws change!

Innovative Document Creation Software

Texas HOA Manager makes creating documents super simple with the use of innovative document creation software.

  • Select the document you want to create.
  • Answer a series of straight forward questions.
  • Hit “Save.” Easy, Peasy.

document creation screenshot

Online Storage of Your HOA’s Records

Library Screenshot

  • Ability to create customized nested-folders for optimal organization.
  • Up to 1 gigabyte of included cloud-based storage.
  • Keep all of your HOA’s records in a single, easily accessible, location.
  • Never lose another Document!

Searchable Online Version of
Texas Homeowners Association Law

  • The only comprehensive legal reference
    on the laws governing Texas HOAs
  • Covers all Texas and Federal laws on a topic-by-topic basis
  • Written in “plain” English, as opposed to legalesse

And, this is just version 2.0!

If you like what you see so far, just wait because we’re just getting started. We’ve got big plans for Texas HOA Manager and what you see now is only the beginning. Texas HOA Manager will eventually include many additional features, including:

  • an accounting and billing module
  • the ability to conduct electronic balloting
  • web-page hosting
  • architectural review portal
  • message boards
  • event calendars
  • and much, much more

So, enjoy Texas HOA Manager now, but stay tuned for more to come.