Texas HOAs must be operated in accordance with their governing documents and Texas law. This is not such an easy task. In addition to their governing documents, Texas HOAs that govern a condominium development are also regulated by the Texas Condominium Act and/or the Texas Uniform Condominium Act (depending on when the condominium development was established). Similarly, Texas HOAs that govern a subdivision development are regulated by Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code, as well as various other Chapters of the Texas Property Code (depending on the type of development and its geographic location). In addition, a Texas HOA that is also incorporated as a nonprofit corporation (as most are) is further regulated by the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Law, the provisions of which may (in some circumstances) or may not (in other circumstances) trump the provisions of a HOA’s governing documents. To make matters worse, these statutes overlap in varying degrees, and in some limited circumstances they even conflict with each other.

Thus, in order to properly operate a Texas HOA, the volunteer homeowners of a self-managed HOA or the manager of a professionally managed HOA must be familiar with such HOA’s governing documents and all of the various Texas laws that apply to it, and understand which laws apply in which circumstance. As the Texas legislature has enacted more and more statutory regulations applicable to Texas HOAs, keeping up with such laws, understanding how such laws interact with a Texas HOA’s governing documents, and operating a Texas HOA in conformity with its governing documents and Texas law has become increasingly more complicated. This is especially true for volunteer homeowners who operate self-managed HOAs, who must become micro-lawyers just to understand how to operate their HOAs and often spend dozens of hours each month performing necessary tasks to operate their HOAs in compliance with their governing documents and Texas law. The same learning curves and administrative burdens exist for property managers, who must understand the different laws that apply to both types of HOAs (condominium and subdivision) and must perform a multitude of operational tasks on behalf of their clients in a proper, effective, and cost-efficient manner.

So, how can volunteer homeowners and property managers efficiently and effectively operate their HOAs in compliance with Texas statutory law without becoming or hiring a lawyer?   Easy, by using legal compliance software.  Legal compliance software is software that provides a user with the tools to operate an organization or perform an act in compliance with regulatory laws applicable to such organization or act without having to know such laws.  The best example of this is tax return preparation software, such as Turbo Tax, which gives a user the tools to complete complicated tax documents in compliance with the tax laws without being an accountant or even knowing the tax laws.  Texas HOA Manager is HOA legal compliance software, which provides its subscribers with the tools to operate their HOA in compliance with Texas law without being a lawyer or knowing the laws applicable to Texas HOAs.


Whether a Texas HOA is self-managed by volunteer homeowners or professionally managed by a property manager, Texas HOA Manager is designed to help each save time, save money and better serve their community. How does it do this? By innovative features that: (1) address the learning curves associated with understanding the various statutory laws that regulate each HOA and their application to a HOA’s governing documents, and (2) address the administrative burden of performing the various tasks required by most HOAs’ governing documents and Texas law by reducing the time it takes to perform such tasks.

First, Texas HOA Manager provides subscribers with access to “Operation Guides”, which provide step-by-step instructions for performing an operational task and explain which laws apply to each step. Need to call an annual meeting of members? No problem. Just follow the step-by-step instructions of the Operation Guide for “Calling an annual meeting of members.” How about responding to a request for a resale certificate, recording a management certificate, enforcing a restrictive covenant? Texas HOA Manager provides Operation Guides for that too.

Second, Texas HOA Manager provides subscribers with access to a comprehensive “Form Library” and innovative document creation software that makes creating HOA documents that conform to Texas law simple and fast. The Form Library consists of template forms that conform to Texas law and are automatically updated as applicable laws change. Worried that your current forms don’t conform to Texas law? Well, worry no more because when you generate documents using Texas HOA Manager, each form includes all advisories, disclosures, and other information required by applicable statutory law.

In addition, Texas HOA Manager’s document generation software makes creating HOA documents a snap. Envision software similar to TurboTax or LegalZoom, but for Texas HOAs. Each time a subscriber creates a document using Texas HOA Manager, all non-static or fixed information (such as the name of the HOA, its address, etc…) will automatically be inserted into the appropriate locations and the subscriber need only answer a few straight forward questions related to that particular document. If a particular question is not straight-forward enough or a subscriber wants detailed explanations or instructions, no problem; simply click on the help icon at the end of the question and a pop-up helpbox will appear with additional explanation and/or examples. By using Texas HOA Manager and answering a few straight-forward questions, anybody can create HOA documents that conform to Texas law quickly and easily, and most importantly, without knowing Texas law.

Third, for subscribers who want to learn about all of the laws that apply to Texas HOAs or to have access to an indexed and searchable online reference book that explains all of the laws that apply to a Texas HOA on a topic-by-topic basis and in “plain English,” as opposed to legalese, Texas HOA Manager provides that too. A subscription to Texas HOA Manager includes access to an online, searchable, version of Texas Homeowners Association Law, the only comprehensive legal reference book on the state and federal laws applicable to Texas HOAs. Currently available in softback form only, Texas HOA Manager provides subscribers with unique access to an electronic version of Texas Homeowners Association Law book that is not available else where. Want to know what effect a homeowner’s bankruptcy has on a HOA’s assessment lien or what the statute of limitations period is for the enforcement of a restrictive covenant? Find the answers to these and other questions by searching the online version of Texas Homeowners Association Law.

Finally, Texas HOA Manager makes keeping, finding and even producing a HOA’s records easy. With Texas HOA Manager, every time you create a new HOA document using its document generation software, a copy will automatically be saved to the HOA’s online “Records Archive.” The Records Archive is an online document repository for storage of a HOA’s records. In addition to the documents created with Texas HOA Manager’s document generation software, each subscriber can upload documents to its Records Archive so that all of a HOA’s records can be stored in a single online location. By storing all of a HOA’s records in a single online location, loss or misplacement of a record becomes a thing of the past and finding a record or producing a record in response to a request for inspection from a homeowner is reduced to a few clicks of a mouse.

What makes Texas HOA Manager’s software unique is that you will not find any of these features anywhere else. Texas HOA Manager is the first, and only, legal compliance software developed for Texas HOAs. No other software provides step-by-step instructions for operating a HOA in compliance with Texas statutory laws. No other software provides forms that conform to Texas statutory laws, or that are updated as laws change. No other software includes a document creation module that allows its users to create documents that conform to Texas statutory law by answering a few straight forward questions.  No other software provides comprehensive information about Texas and federal statutory laws applicable to a HOA, let alone on a topic-by-topic basis or in a searchable format. Texas HOA Manager does all of these things. With Texas HOA Manager, you get access to all the tools you need to easily operate a Texas HOA in compliance with Texas law, which allows you to save time, save money and better serve your community.